A wide range of disposable medical products

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BiosafeProducts Co., Ltd. was established on 20 August, 2003 and being obtained Commercial Registration No. 0105543088972 with registered capital 5 million Baht. The company is located on the approximate 18 Rai of land in San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai Province in order to operate business in manufacturing and distributing disposable products which are produced by waterproof synthetic cloth such as hygienic face mask, head cover, overall and other products which used similar material. Our products are appropriate for medical sector, industrial sector and general purposes which can support both internal and international markets. The entire production process is conformed strictly with quality control system in order to manufacture high quality product continuously under the international standard ISO9001:2008 and our medical devices manufacturing is certified by Food and Drug Administration, we currently have manufacturing machines more than 22 machines with productivity is more than 10 million pieces per month, among the foregoing productivity, 60% is produced under Biosafe brand and another 40%...Read More

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